Faith in elected people to solve our problems is the mistake! (Edward Snowden)

acTVism Munich  – a remarkable event with Edward Snowden, Jeremy Scahill, Jürgen Todenhöfer, Paul Jay, Richard Wolff, Srećko Horvat and others – broadcasted live on Jan.15th.

Just start at min. 20, and since the whole event lasts more than 4 hours you might sequence it – all themes are worth it.

Snowden appears at 2:58:00, and he has quite a lot to say … – especially my US-friends should listen carefully!

He explains what ‚National Security‘ actually means (3:09) and why even criminally acting leaders of states (not only in Eastern Europe, South America or Africa) won’t get neither charged nor jailed for their anti-constitutional crimes.

H.-W. Graf