Rough draft

The opposition of the established forces against our alternative rough drafts may be expected to be rather intense. However, we are sure that the demands they contain are realistic – sooner or later – and, most of all, highly necessary. Otherwise – if these demands will be neglected for political reasons and not incorporated in an alternative political vision – we sure will be short of any hope to ever realise what we are all striving for (but realisticly never had) – a truly democratic and social constitutional state.

We are sure that today’s daily propagated farce of a democracy will actually never have a chance to be realisticly lived. Thus, it is further on up to you to either hide behind these ‘party-soldiers’ or rather take your life in your own hands if you have not done so far. We appeal to every single individual to take part in the political process and to mutualy work on aiming towards a human and democratic society.

This new view of reality contains a social, economic and ecological view on our future which reaches far beyond the imagination of a systematic view of our today’s politicians.

We truly hope, dear readers, to be able to contribute with our rough drafts on this website a little bit to make this new look upon reality truly understandable in order to actually make it come true.

Rough Drafts